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Shadow in the Night

I'm at my desk at work and a gentleman comes walking in. He is very proper when he walks up to the front desk.

"How may I help you?" I ask.

"I have decided to retire and I am here to make a claim," he says.

"Okay, I'll sign you in," I say as I pick up the sign in sheet. "What is your name?"

"Bond, James Bond."

In an instance I freeze. The words are perfect. I look up expecting to see one of the actors and the smirk on his face is picture-perfect similar to a Hollywood cinematic still image when they introduce themselves.

"Okay, sir," I say. "Have a seat."

He walks, sits down, and behaves as if all the movie actors have imitated him.

The VA claim representative calls him when it is his turn and confirms his identity.

After he is done he stands, walks by me with the same smirk, nods, and departs the office.

Like a shadow in the night, he is gone, off on another mission.

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