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The Unexpected Visitor Website Photo.jpe

The Unexpected Delivery - School Project

Film Script / Short / Psychological Thriller

Lincoln's life spirals out of control when a local girl summons past memories that threaten the safety of his home.

Cold As Ice Cover Photo For Website.jpeg

The Rink: Cold As Ice  -  School Project

Animation Script / Thriller-Crime

Janie's post-traumatic stress experience during a graduation party leads her and troubled teen, Amy, down a tangled web of shadows from whence there is no escape.

Italian Trouble  -  School Project

Based on the Sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Television Script / Sitcom

Detective Jake Peralta, ensures that a high-profile member's confession is sound, while Detective Charles Boyle, attempts to counter his clumsy ways.

The Long Walk - School Project

Film Script / Short / Psychological Thriller

A soldier questions the very fabric of how would one react towards the idea of a Dear John Letter.

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