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Anthony C. Wray

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Anthony C. Wray's Distant Fantasy

City of Cheriongoski Illustration, by Walker Masuda


Book 1 - Currently Seeking Publication

Novel Series / Science Fantasy / Psychological Thriller

After witnessing the death of his team, Colonel John Locklear begins having dreams of a place he cannot explain. When he returns home for answers, John discovers his childhood journal suggests his dreams may be suppressed memories.

The world around you is not what you have come to know.


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Most of my days as a toddler were spent telling stories. My sister from Mars and our adventures or my dolphin who needed five minutes of bath time before it was my turn. As the years progressed, I wrote more about other worlds and games that I created rather than focus on my feelings. During my freshman year in high school my teacher changed all of that with an assignment to place my emotions in a poem. However, that wasn't all. I was tasked to translate it into a research paper, then a personal essay, and finally a short story. Afterwards I adopted emotional narratives, which in time became psychological thrillers.

However, I have always admired speculative fiction and the endless creations that come with the genre. My writing now blends the two into tales that span multiple mediums as I scrutinize for a balance to blend imagination and reality together. Through understanding how the mind processes deep emotions with imagination, I have discovered my personal reintegration into society after military service and believe the imagination may present positive change for those with PTSD. My stories are intellectual by nature and at times require scrupulous tendencies for extracting rigorous thought patterns. If you enjoy knowledge and edge of your seat experiences, my stories may be for you. I have earned a BFA for Creative Writing and reside in Texas, while I work on a novel series.




Graduated - Bachelor's of Creative Writing in Entertainment


Completion of 1st and 2nd edits.

Had editor provide content outlook.


Completion of novel and final editor notes.

Outline to book two.


Publication search.


Begin book 2 of Distant Fantasy.

More information to come.


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