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The City In My Head - Saga

New music coming 2020!
Listen to Full EP Here
Change In Authority EP

Change in Authority, is the first installment of, The City In My Head Saga. It will consist of multiple topics including ancient and modern religions, rights of all life on Earth, PTSD, anxiety, depression, spiritual questions, self-esteem, learning to cope with nightmares and disbelief, and more.

Are We The Sick, is the first single to, Change in Authority. It questions if we as humanity are the sick and the ones to blame.

Are We The Sick - Wrayven
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About Wrayven

Wrayven, is the lyrical-poet side of, Anthony C. Wray. The aspect of poetry carries him through daily practices as he makes sense of each segment within life.

About The City In My Head

The City In My Head, contains all aspects of Wrayven's life, the good and the bad. Each track presents a new chapter that will unfold like a saga of novels within the lyrics and a movie through the music.

Music is produced, recorded,
mixed and mastered
at X-14 Productions.
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