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For both paperback and ebook


The cover idea that I have is the main protagonist from waist up to top of head. The protagonist is looking at the person looking at the book and a beam of teared white center to sapphire blue outer light separating him in half.


On the left side when looking at the cover is the right side of the character’s face who is John, late 40s, modern Delta Force operative with a scar by right eye, dark emerald eyes, boonie cap, scruffy and full beard. Behind John is Waya, John’s brother and same age and is a Native American Cherokee. John was adopted into the family and grew up on the reservation. Background is an image of Waya's home on the reservation near the west Olympic Coast of Washington State.


On the right side of looking at the book is Zac, the prophesied liberator of the last human city of Cheriongoski, a younger version of John, late twenties, clean cut with some facial hair as a design, bright emerald eyes, and with no cap (boonie cap). Behind Zac is Natasha, who is nuzzling into his back and neck with her arm reaching around him and hand on chest. Behind Natasha is a younger version of Waya. In his hands on both sides is an old tattered journal with a single entry near the middle of the journal, My name is Zac. The dividing white line stops just above the journal. In the background everything is pitch black. In the background is an image of Natasha's home on a tropical island.


Will provide descriptions of homes later.

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